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pilates fire TT Module II




4 Weeks


About the Course

Pilates Fire is a complete program which features a unique and exhaustive list of core centered exercises and flows, sequenced together to simultaneously elevate your body, mind, spirit and athletic ability.

This iconic system was designed to increase core strength, by strengthening muscles without adding bulk. The Pilates Fire Method was created with an emphasis on balance, control, and core strength for optimal fat-burning.

Pilates Fire is a bodyweight-only, low impact – high intensity program that emphasises on igniting your body with both internal and external heat. The powerful exercises create long lean muscles without bulk, all while staying true to the classic mat work created by Joseph Pilates.

Marla’s current venture is in her creation of Hot Power Pilates. Join her in a class to see what all the hype is about!

Your Instructor

Marla Vettese

Marla’s career as a Professional Competitive Dancer, and Wellness Instructor has spanned almost three decades. She realized at a young age that wellness and dance complemented each other and created harmony, and balance in her life as both a leader, and student of life.

Marla’s passion and extensive background allows her to empower her clients to achieve their optimum level of fitness, improving core strength, postural alignment, balance, mobility, and mind-body awareness.

She honors the limitless benefits of movement through Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Dance, all while maintaining an unquestionable teaching practice. Her strongest personality trait is visible through her boisterous, lively nature, which she naturally integrates into each class she teaches, and person she touches. Do not allow her playful personality and light demeanor fool you. She is driven and dedicated to her continuous growth. Her passion for wellness and its benefits is only surpassed by her love of teaching.

Marla Vettese
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