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The Pilates Fire Method Teacher Certification

Module I is the Foundation of the Pilates Fire Method


$1500 CDN

200 hours


Pilates Fire Manual Module I 
Pilates Fire Instructional Video Module I
In Class Lecture Hours
One retest if necessary

  • Pre-Requisites
    Minimum 20 Pilates Fire Class attendance hours 8 Hours Assist Instruction Hours 6 Teaching Hours Previous Fitness Knowledge General Anatomy Knowledge
  • Inclusive
    Pilates Fire Instructional Video Module I Pilates Fire Manual Module I Minimum 80 hours of self-practice Estimated 70 hours of home study/review 16 hours In Class Lecture In class Practical Evaluation & Written Exam
  • Reading Material
    *Recommended but not required Caged Lion. Joseph Pilates & His Legacy Return to Life Through Contrology. Joseph Pilates & William J. Miller Pilates Anatomy Second Edition. Rael Isacowitz & Karen Clippinger Pilates Evolution Joseph Pilates, Judd Robbins, and Lin Van Heuit-Robbins The Pilates Body. Brooke Siler

Successful candidates will receive a Module 1 Certificate and qualifying for modules 2 and 3

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